House rules

for the Castle Casino Vaduz


  • Before entering the Castle Casino, all guests must identify themselves by means of an official identification document.
  • Only official photo IDs that entitle the holder to enter Liechtenstein are accepted.
  • At the entry control, a comparison is made with the national blocking register.
  • The Duty Manager on duty is authorized, without giving reasons, to deny entry to persons or to expel guests from the casino if he/she deems it appropriate.

Minimum age

  • Access to the casino during opening hours is permitted upon reaching the age of 18, namely earliest on the day of the 18th birthday, allowed.


  • There is deliberately no rigidly defined dress code. In keeping with the ambience of our casino the ambience of our casino, guests are requested to dress in a “smart casual” manner orientate.
  • Headgear is prohibited for safety reasons. Exempt from this prohibition are Headgear with a religious background.
  • Castle Casino reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone with inappropriate clothing. Inappropriate clothing is understood to mean, for example, that the clothing is unclean or sends an overtly aggressive message.
  • Large bags, backpacks, suitcases (including briefcases) and similar items, as well as umbrellas, are not permitted are not allowed in the game room, or only with the prior express consent of the duty manager on duty permitted.
  • Guests are asked to leave jackets as well as coats at the checkroom for the duration of their stay.

Game participation

  • Only persons who are in full possession of their mental faculties, i.e. who are not obviously drunk, confused obviously drunk or confused, or under the influence of drugs.

Rules of the game

  • The rules of the individual games offered in the Castle Casino “Live Game” section are available for free for free withdrawal.
  • For an explanation of the game, or an explanation of the game rules for our offers of slot games the hosts are at your disposal.


  • Guests are requested not to leave the gaming table and/or the slot machine until any winnings have been paid out or when there is no any winnings have been paid out or when there is no credit left on the machine.
  • Unlawful appropriation of a game advantage will be penalized.
  • All premises of Castle Casino Vaduz, in particular the gaming room, are permanently monitored by video cameras for the safety of guests and employees. The recordings are stored for 45 days stored.
  • Management reserves the right to search guests when deemed appropriate. deemed appropriate. The most appropriate means deemed appropriate will be used for the search. This security measure is taken exclusively for the protection and peace of mind of all guests and employees. employees. In the case of personal searches by pat-down, consideration will be given to gender.
  • Castle Casino Vaduz accepts no liability for money or objects that are left unattended. Vaduz assumes no liability. Equipment reservations are only possible for a short time (e.g. for going to the toilet or for changing toilet or for the purpose of changing money) and must be reported to the staff in advance.

Photography and filming

  • Filming and photography is only allowed in consultation with the management.
  • If groups of guests wish to take a photograph to document their stay, the duty manager will decide manager decides whether this is permitted, taking into account the number of guests. His decision is final.
  • If a photo is permitted during operation, it must always be ensured that no other guests are recognizably are visible in the picture (data protection).

Excessive gambling

  • If a guest has any concerns about his or her gaming behavior, both the duty managers and the person and the person responsible for the social concept are available for consultation.
  • Guests who would like to have a conversation can address their request to all staff members, who will who will then inform the appropriate persons.
  • If you would like to have a personal conversation, please feel free to contact to to arrange an appointment.
  • All guests are free to exclude themselves from the game for a certain period of time (game ban) or to limit their visits within the framework of a “visiting agreement”. visits within the framework of a “visit agreement”.
  • Corresponding information flyers are available at easily accessible locations in Castle Casino for free withdrawal.


  • Bets with stakes on credit basis or advertised bets are prohibited.
  • Announcements at the roulette tables are allowed.
  • Each bet must be covered. This means that guests must buy chips before placing a bet. chips before placing a bet.
  • Other chips than those issued by the Castle Casino Vaduz, or officially accepted in the Castle Casino are not recognized as stakes and / or exchange for in-house chips.
  • Castle Casino Vaduz gaming chips are worthless outside the casino.


  • At Castle Casino, only Swiss francs (CHF) are valid as the gaming currency.
  • The management of Castle Casino Vaduz defines the foreign currencies approved for exchange into CHF. foreign currencies. The exchange rates are adjusted daily and are visibly displayed to the guest at the cash desks. displayed at the cash desks.


  • Checks will not be accepted as payment or for the purchase of gaming equipment.


  • The granting of credit by Castle Casino is excluded.
  • Likewise, lending between guests is strictly prohibited. Violations may be sanctioned be imposed.


  • Castle Casino Vaduz does not offer its guests the storage of gaming equipment or cash.
  • The transport of high winnings, e.g. jackpot winnings, can be ordered by a security company at the request of the guest. security company on behalf of the guest. The Castle Casino Vaduz will be pleased to take over the organization for this.

Due Diligence for Money Laundering

  • Castle Casino is committed to the strict implementation of the international efforts to prevent of money laundering and terrorist financing.
  • The requirements of the Liechtenstein Due Diligence Act (DDA) as well as the applicable ordinances as well as the in-house due diligence concept are strictly implemented and enforced.
  • Guests are asked for their assistance when contacted by the casino staff asked.
  • Castle Casino explicitly does not issue any confirmations about possible game winnings.

Opening hours

  • Castle Casino is open daily from 11:00 to 04:00.
  • The live game area is open daily from 18:00 until at least 02:30.

Allowed games

  • Es werden ausschliesslich Geldspiele angeboten, welche gemäss der liechtensteinischen Spielbankenverordnung erlaubt sind.

Drugs and other prohibited substances

  • Consumption, sale and/or free distribution of illegal drugs and other prohibited substances are prohibited in all substances are prohibited on all Castle Casino premises.
  • Violations will be reported to the police.

Food and drinks

  • Food and beverages may not be brought from outside to the reception or the play area. be brought in.
  • Deliveries of ordered food items will be accepted by the reception desk and served to the guests by the hosts. served to the guests by the hosts at their place.
  • Food and beverages purchased in the casino may not be taken outside. In exceptional cases, the duty manager may decant the beverage into a disposable cup and grant permission to permission to take it with you.

The management