Our jackpots

At Castle Casino, we offer various jackpots across all slot machines as well as on the individual slots (island jackpots). Various smaller jackpots can also be found on individual slot machines. Our staff will be happy to provide you with further information.

Ultimate Castle Jackpot

15’745.00 CHF

Glamorous Jackpot

8’245.00 CHF

Cash Express Luxury

13’309.00 CHF

Cash Connection

21’478.00 CHF

Clover Link Xtreme Grand

7’644.00 CHF

Clover Link Xtreme Major

1’278.00 CHF

Duo Fu Grand

10’512.00 CHF

Duo Cai Major

1’198.00 CHF

Dragon Link Grand

13’090.00 CHF

Dragon Link Major

880.00 CHF

Ocean Spin

10’475.00 CHF